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Please fill out this form and a Mo Fish representative will contact you to arrange and finalize your order. This is intended for large orders of 50 or more peices of fish. We do not cater the food in, this is for large orders that you can pick up or we can deliver based on certain criteria.  For more information or immediate assistance, contact us at: 712-256-4000

Request Catering (Enter Number of pieces for each item desired. Minimum of 50 pieces per order.) We will contact you with pricing before finalizing your order!

Requested Information
Phone Number
Date Needed
Alaskan Walleye # of pieces (Quantities of 25 pieces Only)
Boneless Catfish # of pieces (Quantities of 25 pieces Only)
Carp Ribs # of pieces (Quantities of 25 pieces Only)
Chicken Planks # of pieces (Quantities of 25 pieces Only)
Coleslaw (11lb. Tub) # of Tubs
Rye Bread Loaf (21 pieces per loaf) # of loaves
Other Requests